Lydia Rigsby

Business / IT Program Director, PMP, MSPM

Rick is a talented, innovative and seasoned interface designer and technologist. Rick has an excellent intuition and an extraordinary ability to verbalize issues in a way which promotes resolution instead of conflict. He is able to take nonexistent requirements and turn them into exactly the product the client wanted. His uncanny ability to develop relationships with both his coworkers and client made working with Rick extremely enjoyable. His vision and talent are astonishing and he is tremendously professional. Rick is a very valuable asset and would make a great member of any team.

Steffen Krause

Solution / Enterprise Architect
L-3 Communications

Rick is probably the highest skilled web-designer I ever had the pleasure to work with. His designs were always more than impressive and very versatile. For every application Rick always created a few sets of perfect, high class designs that made it very hard to choose from. Even though hired for just a single project, the customer instantly recognized Rick's talent and in only a few months Rick became the de-facto design manager for all customer site projects. Amongst the customer as well the the L-3 staff, Rick was always regarded as the go-to guy for aesthetic and well balanced designs.

Matt Duff

Senior Program Manager, PMP, ITILv3, CSM
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Not only was working with Rick a pleasure but even during the grind and amongst the deadlines, he made it fun. Rick is one of the unique people that can sift through the mundane and address the true priorities effectively. In addition to these work characteristics, his talents are immense in web development. He was able to capture the vision that I had and convert it to designs that far exceeded any expectation. He is a true talent and more importantly a class individual.

Peter Keefe

Senior Technical Writer
REI Systems, Inc.

Rick Thomas, along with being technically top-notch, was a nice person to work with. He would always respond to e-mails or phone calls and tried his best to meet our needs as quickly as he could. Rick had wonderfully creative ideas to promote new applications being launched within the company and knew how to quickly fix our Web problems. I strongly recommend Rick: nice person, technically savvy, and an idea person who can solve problems.

Vivien Lau

Product Management & Information (UX) Architecture
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Rick is a great team lead, who creates a sense of trust and rapport with everyone. I have found him to be consistently pleasant, hard working, dedicated, patience, and an excellent presenter. Besides being a joy to work with, Rick is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to clients. He is a good team lead and would make a great asset to any organization

Gadi Rozmaryn

Principal Web Applications Architect
Hughes Network Systems

Rick is, by far, the best designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Rick has spoiled me, in my expectations of designers. He is as good at web design and digital media as he is with print and logo work. He has the freshest cleanest designs and logos, he turns projects around faster than anyone and he provides plug and play code that is ready for immediate deployment. Rick is the only designer I will recommend to friends and the only designer I will work with for freelance work.