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I make beautiful things... easier to use.

My passion is developing highly intuitive visual solutions for complex web and software products. I am a seasoned UX Team Lead, UX practitioner and UI designer/developer with over 13 years of successfuly orchestrating creative and development teams through full production lifecycles from initial design concepts through to coded completion.

I collaborate with cross-functional software and web development teams to manage and produce polished deliverables utilizing Agile methodologies in a rapid and collaborative development environment. I engineer user-centered information architectures using taxonomies, user journeys, interactive prototypes, and pattern libraries. I produce high fidelity design mockups and production ready, standards compliant GUI’s and assist with requirements gathering, client relations, account management and new business development.

Other than that.. I'm just a regular dad to three wonderful children and husband to the love of my life living in Northern Virgina and working on a contract with the Federal Courts to create highly intuitive, highly visible, web-based enterprise business solutions software.

Client List

US Federal Courts
City of Falls Church, VA
Consumers' Checkbook
USO National Headquarters
National Institutes of Health
John's Hopkins University
Battlefield Park Polo
National Association of Broadcasters
Pinney Associates
CASE Handyman
CT Purcell Inc.
Pantheon Software
FitTest Solutions
Shady Grove Fertility Clinic
Dept. of Army
Town of Billerica, MA
Dept. of Defense
Delphi Film Foundation
La Miche
Town of Herndon, VA
NY Rooster
Pools by Young
Nancy Reinke, Artist
NorthPoint Technologies
Sirota & Sirota
Robert Slye Electronics
North Star Nannies
Kershaw Designs
Down With Disease
Celadon Life Sciences
O'Hop Insurance
Harvey Signs
KC Driveline Inc
Ironhead Sportsters
Papa Petrones
i3 Asset Disposal
EmpowerMe CV
AMF Bowling Centers
Winslow Carpentry
Jari Landscaping
Mystic Water Gardens
Smitty's Bikes
The Population Institute
T-shirts That Suck
Metal Roofing Alliance
American Health Quality Association
Art Services International
Association of Teacher Educators
Chemical Producers Association
Capital Auto Auction
Shady Grove Fertility Clinic


District of Columbia Bar
NOLA Development
American Business Awards
Better Teachers for Guatemala
Efficacy LLC
Huntington Reproductive Center
Metro DC Board
Shanghai Packaging
Max Woodrow & Company
Potomac Valley Ortho Associates
Montgomery County Education Association
Pancho Villa
Work Consultants
Kalbian Hagerty Law
Association of Colleges of Optometry
Will Models Agency
National Knife Collectors Association
Adventure Scuba Company
Touch of Grace
Al Zaytoun
Homewood Retirement Centers
Pro Displays
Reamco Inc
RJC Enterprises
Sentencing Project
Shady Grove Fertility Clinic
Total Skin Care
Business Dealers Inc.
Maple Lawn Condominiums
MyTeks LLC
Advanced BioScience Laboratories
Association of Travel Marketing Executives
Book Makers Inc.
Westfields Group
Truro Preschool & Kindergarten
National Association of Investment Companies
Kesterson Plumbing
GroLaw Associates
Development Consulting Services
Cut River Investments
Finetre Corporation
Seven Corners Animal Hospital
Professional Products, Inc
Washington Brain and Spine
Whitten Laser Eye Associates
Fairfax Neonatal Associates
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
International Textile Marketers Assocation
Piedmont Equine Practices
Equinox Restaurant
Sentencing Project
Advanced Project Management Inc.